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Our team gathered around the idea of building a bilingual internet community where people can learn and connect. Our goal was to develop language courses that are stress-free and fun. The possibility to be able to learn from the comfort of home,or when traveling, seemed so attractive that we decided to dive into this project. We are proud of this website, and we hope that Bilingua will bring as much joy and fulfillment to others, as it did to us.


This way of learning was once unimaginable. Learning process needs some discipline and order, and it doesn’t matter that you are learning from home, our courses are tailored to keep you focused.


Our site is your classroom. You can take classes literally anywhere you go, as long as you have an internet connection. So grab a cup of your favorite drink and start learning!


We approach each user individually, but every subscriber is a part of our community, and we encourage you to interact with other users and share your experience with friends.