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Have you ever travelled to a foreign country and thought “I wish I could understand everything people are saying”? We did. And that’s what motivated us to learn languages and make new friendships all around the world.
Understanding other languages expose us to different cultures, experiences, and ways of thinking. By using them to communicate, we acquire a new style of perceiving the world around us and our inner world as well. We continually learn new things; we change, we adapt. Not to mention the pleasure and benefits that derive from reading books and watching movies created in places far away from our homes.
We created this platform to pass on our passion to other people. We are aware that time is a valuable asset, and many of us are too busy to make space in their schedule for a language course. That is the reason why we decided to bring classes to you. With our innovative way of learning, you will be able to make progress without performance pressure and physical boundaries. Don't shy away from this opportunity. Create space in your life for a new beginning!



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By taking tests, you will be able to keep a track on your progress and see how much you’ve improved.

You can access our website from your home or anywhere you go, as long as you have an internet connection.

We approach individually to each subscriber. The lessons will adjust in a way that allows you to work on your weaker points.

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Clementine Cain
I found your website recently, just when I began considering ways to refresh my knowledge of French. I’m working six days a week, so I needed a course that doesn’t occupy much of my time. You exceeded my expectations, and I now take lessons daily on my way to work.
Natalie Yoder
Your Spanish course really helped me when I started losing my focuson college. It\'s fun to learn this way, and I love taking tests. I told all my friends about your website, and there is a big chance I will start learning German this summer.
Hina Peel
Marketing manager
I’m moving to Germany soon, so I need to learn at least the basics fast. Your platform proved to be more than efficient. The lessons have feedback, so I quickly notice when I make mistakes and where I need toput more work.